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Meet Amy

Amy grew up in Tallahassee, Florida, under the able watch of a normal mother and father. After coasting through grade school, she was shipped off to college at Troy University, where she sharpened her skills and miraculously earned a bachelor of science in broadcast journalism, public relations and a minor in marketing.  Later, Amy trained at The Finishing School in Atlanta, Georgia — which is about faux finishing, not etiquette! She is  also a graduate of the Decorators Training Institute and is a Certified Interior Decorator (CID).

Amy has definitely gotten around, and has done some crazy things, such as moving a house — you know, cut into four pieces, hauled up the road, and reassembled in another location? Yeah.  She’s  also owned and operated a whimsical boutique near Philadelphia, PA called Hissyfits, where she attempted to inspire the Yankee ladies to throw a real Southern hissy fit. Creating a game day clothing line from re-cycled t-shirts out of nothing but an idea is still one of her greatest accomplishments. Why all the past details? Basically to let you know that as a realtor you must wear many hats. She’s definitely capable of anything thrown her way.  Living through raising 3 teenager sons has also really sharpened her skills on negotiating, marketing, figuring out difficult situations, and reading through the lines! Having always lived in a college town, Amy loves the vibe and the heart beat that it brings. Her passion is to share it with you and to find your little piece of happiness and a place called home in Lee County.